Anti-Cellulite Cavitation

Anti-Cellulite Cavitation

The ultrasound cavitation breaks down the fibrous bands of higher grade

Anti-cellulite cavitation has two functions:

The first is to break up the fat depots by an implosion system occurring because
of low frequency ultrasound, this provokes inner “boiling”.

The second is breaking down to the crypts which are trapping the fat. The crypts
are composed of connective tissue, collagen fibers similar to a scar, which is one
degeneration that we do not need, and often present in a special type of people
who have such a circuit and correspond to the slightest injury by creating fibrous

Fibroza celulita je jedna degeneracija koja nam ne treba, a često je prisutna jer poseban tip žena upravo ima takav sklop i odgovaraju na najmanju povredu stvaranjem fibroznog tkiva. Uz dugotrajnu pogrešnu ishranu, sva tkiva, a posebno koža i potkožno masno tkivo pokazuju znake degeneracije.

Ultrasound makes fat from the depot on the thighs susceptible to decomposition
and metabolism for energy. So it’s good to be on a zero or negative balance of
your caloric intake. In case you are slim but not happy with the size of your
thighs because of a few extra pounds, cavitation is the right procedure for you.
There are a large number of girls and women who are slim, but very small
changes show signs of cellulite fibrous cellulite.

The special frequency is set in order to reach the first 10mm of skin, where we
are targeting the changes of collagen and breaks the bands that give the
appearance of cellulite. This is a persistent process, and requires multiple
resources as an integral part of our Medrezon package.

Therefore, the usual anti-cellulite cavitation combination for solving fibrous
cellulite is a special VelaCav combined package with additional mesotherapy
without needles if we have a person who does not want the injection method or
classical mesotherapy.

Za uspeh tretmana potrebno je 10 kombinovanih terapija i održavati mesečnim tretmanima.