Dr Branka Krkljus

Dr Branka Krkljus, founder of Medrezon, began her practicing medicine in Ear Nose and Throat Surgery and Pediatrics.

She contunued her career in pharmaceutical marketing and in companies producers of scientifically formulated food. She completed her first Master’s degree at the Medical faculty at Belgrade University.Her second Master’s degree was completed at the King’s College of London University.
Working on her thesis: “The Negative Effects of Obesity and the Beneficial Effects of Weight Loss in Obesity” was the first step towards focusing her interests into the field of the progressive, new science of Anti-aging medicine.
The knowledge and the use of nutraceuticals are an important part of anti-aging. Originally dealing in ear, nose and throat-surgery has certainly facilitated the skills of aesthetic medicine procedures on the face. She constantly improves her skills in aesthetic medicine through training courses and workshops, visits congresses and meetings in Europe and in the region. She is a member of WOSIAM Network Lipolysis and ASKED organisations.